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Cataract Eye Surgery Questions

What is a cataract?
+ A cataract is clouding of the natural lens inside the eye which causes the vision to be blurred or diminished.
Can you prevent cataracts?
+Cataracts are very common in older people, and cannot be avoided. It is helpful to keep your eyes healthy by protecting them from bright sunlight and ultraviolet light. Most importantly, if you are at a higher risk for cataracts because of diabetes or other medical problems, you should follow your doctors instructions and get regular checkups.
How do I know if I need cataract surgery?
+Only your doctor can recommend the correct treatment for cataracts. If your cataracts have reached a “mature” stage and have impeded your vision so that glasses do not help and your daily activities are affected, you may be a candidate for cataract surgery. Dr. Hiss & his team of doctors can discuss with you the details of the surgery as well as what type of results you can expect.
Can cataract surgery restore vision loss?
+Often cataract surgery can improve vision with great results and little complications. However, your doctor can predict the outcome based on your individual case..
Will the lens implant ever have to be removed, replaced, or cleaned?
+The lens implant is designed to last for the rest of your life. It does not need to be removed or cleaned. The lens will only be removed if in the rare instance it needs to be replaced or adjusted in position if it causes any injury or severe inflammation in the eye or if it becomes dislocated.