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Lasik Eye Surgery Questions

Is laser vision correction safe?

+When performed by an experienced surgeon, it is a safe procedure. Studies show that less than 1% of patients experience a vision decrease after laser surgery. A certain number of patients (5-8%) may require a second laser treatment to achieve their best outcome. The incidence of re-treatments is directly proportional to the original prescription.

Is laser vision correction uncomfortable?

+Anesthetic eye drops make the treatment painless. Patients may experience mild discomfort.

What should I expect the next day?

+Most patients wake up seeing better than the night before. Some people may experience blurry vision. Most patients see well enough to drive the first day after LASIK.

How long does it last?

+LASIK permanently reshapes the surface of the cornea.

What is vision like during the healing period?

+LASIK offers immediate results and quick healing. Some fluctuations in vision, mainly due to dryness, is expected and can be managed by applying artificial tear drops.

What does laser vision correction cost?

+Cost will vary depending on the type of refractive surgery you require starting as low as $1800.00 per eye and will be determined the day of your evaluation.