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I have heard amazing stories about Dr. Hiss from around the community.

“My experience began at my eye doctor’s office.  He highly recommended Dr. Hiss and said that he, himself, would only go to Dr. Hiss when it was time.  That was enough of a recommendation for me!  Since then, I have heard amazing stories about Dr. Hiss from around the community.  I was SO impressed when I met him.  He was patient, helpful, and exuded confidence.  I felt I was truly in the best hands to get  my cataracts removed and monovision lenses to correct my nearsighted and farsighted problems.  Dr. Hiss did a fantastic job- quick, easy, painless, and perfect!  Hiss staff are equally amazing.  Dr. Macintyre paid good attention to details, which I really appreciated.  All of the doctors who I saw were wonderful- patient, thorough, attentive to every detail.  The nurses on surgery day were excellent and really helped ease my pre- surgery jitters!

I cannot recommend this place enough for cataract removal and vision correction.  The entire staff is friendly, answers the phone quickly, and really works with you as an individual.  This meant a lot to me!

Thank you to everyone who helped me!  I can now see great and I can’t believe it!  Thank you Dr. Hiss!”



Claudia Bianca

I have recommended it to friends.

“My dry eye problems significantly improved after my treatments. I have recommended it to friends. I have gone from taking drops 6-7 times a day to one or two times.”

Gerald Hicks

I could not be happier with my new lens implants.

Now I can see 20/20 and read small print. A totally professional and top notch crew. As soon as I walked through the door, I was immediately greeted by the friendly staff…

Steve K

From Wellness.com

Money well spent!

“Since having the LipiFlow treatment early in 2014, my eyes no longer feel irritated and scratchy. LipiFlow has improved not only the comfort and health of my eyes, but my vision also has improved. The LipiFlow treatment has been money well spent!”

Penny Robertson

I was amazed with the whole process.

“I was amazed with the whole process.  From the first examination to the last.  Post-op was efficient and professional.  Best of all, I see better now than ever before, thanks to Dr. Manning and his wonderful staff!”

Dianne Ingberg

The surgery was quick and painless

“I was a little nervous about getting my Lasik surgery.  I’ve always heard that Dr. Hiss was the best surgeon in Reno.  The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful with my pre and post ops.  The surgery was quick and painless.  After wearing glasses for over 20 years, I no longer need them and I have perfect vision.  Thank you ECAN!”

Sy Freitas

What a wonderful experience!

“I have suffered from severe dry eyes and dry mouth for a number of years. My eyes just got more and more uncomfortable until I asked for help. Dr. Devries examined me and suggested that LipiFlow might work for me. The whole procedure was not at all uncomfortable, only a very pleasant feeling of warmth in my eyes. Following the procedure I had a feeling of great relief. My eyes felt moist and my vision was improved. What a wonderful experience! I would highly recommend LipiFlow and the wonderful team of Eye Care Associates and Dr. Devries.”

Suzanne Mackil

They made me feel very comfortable as a patient.

“Everyone from front desk to OR nurses were very friendly and helpful, very accommodating.  They made me feel very comfortable as a patient.”

Fanny Chan