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YAG Laser Procedure

The YAG Laser is used to treat posterior capsule opacity. This occurs when patients with intact posterior capsules remaining after cataract surgery develop hazy and reduced vision. This occurs in about 20 percent of patients but can take months or years to become significant.

Fortunately, the YAG laser can treat posterior capsule opacity safely, effectively and painlessly. This procedure, known as YAG laser capsulotomy, is performed in our office and involves just a few simple steps:

  • The eye is dilated with drops before the procedure.
  • A laser removes the hazy posterior capsule from your line of sight without making an incision or touching the eye.
  • A postoperative check-up within a week.

Following a YAG laser capsulotomy, you may resume normal activities immediately. You may experience some floaters, or deposits in the eye’s normally transparent vitreous humor, afterward. These will likely resolve within a few weeks. YAG procedures only rarely need to be repeated.

YAG Laser Procedure at Eye Care Associates of Nevada