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Why are my upper eyelids drooping?

Droopy eyelids are often caused by excess skin, muscle and/or fat around the eye. As a result, the excess tissue can cause sagging of the eyebrow or eyelids. This condition is called dermatochalasis – it affects both eyes (sometimes with mild asymmetry) and is a slow process associated with aging. Note that if there are any sudden changes to your lid drooping, or if new drooping affects one eye only, this may require a more urgent eye examination. Please consult our office for additional questions or to schedule a lid evaluation.


What does the procedure consist of?

This is a surgical procedure. Therefore, it requires an examination and consultation with one of our ophthalmologists. The initial appointment is similar to a regular eye exam but also includes an assessment of your lid position as well as a peripheral (side) vision test. On surgery day, the eyelid will be prepared with numbing medications prior to the blepharoplasty procedure.  You will also receive sedation to help you relax, but generally anesthesia is not required.  The procedure generally takes about twenty minutes, after which you will relax in our surgery center prior to being released.  You will be required to have a driver accompany you home.


How long does it take for my eyes to heal?

Generally this surgery requires a 1-day and/or 1-week follow-up. It is common to have blurry vision, watering eyes, light sensitivity, bruising of the lids, bleeding, or eye pain and discomfort during the first week. An antibiotic ointment is applied four times a day to the eyelids during this time. Typically, eyelid sutures are removed at your 1-week appointment. The bruising, bleeding, and discomfort around the eyes generally may take a few weeks to resolve.


Is this covered by insurance?

This is considered a medical procedure – so we would need to check with your medical insurance for coverage. Blepharoplasty is considered medically indicated if your lids are bothersome and meet specific vision requirements determined during the evaluation.


What about my lower lids or bags under my eyes?

We are happy to assess all lid conditions at Eye Care Associates of Nevada to determine what the best options are for your eyes. Lower lid drooping may be caused by several eye findings such as ectropion (chronic lid eversion), conjunctival chalasis (excess tissue that lines the white part of your eye), or other conditions. Some of these conditions may contribute to dryness, irritation, watering, or redness of the eyes. We do several different surgical procedures at our eye clinic to help address some of these findings – especially as they may potentially cause dry eye symptoms and put the health of the eye at risk. Some droopy lower lids or bags under eyes may require a consult with an oculoplastic surgeon. Schedule an appointment today with one of our doctors for additional questions about lid procedures.